The Secret Reason You're Not Losing Weight

Hypnotist Jessica Taylor

Weight Loss Made Simple

From a big picture view the secret to weight loss is pretty straight forward; move your body and eat mostly whole foods. But when reality hits it’s rarely as cut and dry as that. If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight you are likely familiar with the mantra “I eat well and I exercise, why am I not losing weight?”, saying it over and over to yourself, your friends and family; until even you are tired of hearing it.
If you are eating well and exercising regularly, why are you not losing weight? At Pleasant Hypnosis we look at excess weight as the signal, not the problem. Meaning the fact that you are overweight is just an expression of something going on in your subconscious mind. 

Unlock Your Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious minds are responsible for running all of the background processes that keep us happy, healthy and alive. Everything it does is supposed to be for our benefit in some way or another. So even habits that look bad; like overeating junk food late at night, have some sort of positive intention; comforting yourself after a stressful day, or using your taste buds to trick you into thinking you’re having an adventure. 
As long as that powerful secondary benefit is being met in the same old way, the subconscious mind believes it’s doing us a favour and is very unlikely to let you change in the ways you want to, like losing weight and keeping it off.

Why Hypnosis Helps

Hypnosis helps you to release old unwanted beliefs and find new options for satisfying your positive intentions. This means that what you want and what you need start to become the same thing. Just like that the weight starts to disappear, leaving you free to enjoy all the benefits of health and fitness.
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