Overcoming Fears with Hypnosis

When we are in fear, we can’t think clearly. We become overwhelmed by our emotions and can’t focus on the task at hand. This makes it hard to live our lives and get things done, let alone reach the goals we truly want. When we release fears, we can finally begin to think more clearly and make better decisions and start taking actions to build a better future for ourselves.

"My whole life I have experienced extreme anxiety when going to the dentist."

"It is such a relief and delight to be able to think clearly now.
I feel calmer, more confident, clear-minded, energized, and emotionally stronger."*
Denise Lawson
Gallery Curator

At Pleasant Hypnosis we have custom hypnosis programs for people who have finally decided it is time to get over their fears and enjoy the freedom of taking back control of their life. We help people with all kinds of fears including but not limited to:

  • Fear of going to the dentist or doctor
  • Fear of flying or driving
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of germs
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of vomiting
  • Fear of small spaces
  • Fear of animals or bugs

Our hypnosis programs are tailored to the individual to help them overcome their fears and discover the joy of freedom.

It’s never too late to let go of fears and start living the life you want. Call us at 604-401-6132 to book your FREE hypnosis screening today and say goodbye to fear and hello to confidence!

"Feeling comfortable again public speaking"

"I had a 13 year career playing baseball in front of crowds where rookie panic and embarrassment quickly turned to good times and comfort speaking in front of people for events. Recently ... when it was my turn to speak I was getting worse and worse, particularly at the in-person meetings, my heart would get going, my mouth would get dry, and I was hoping I wouldn’t pass out when I stood up.

I’m so cool now when I present, my heart rate is like 50 bpm, I feel so relaxed it's ridiculous, I could almost take a nap!"*


"Hypnosis helped me reframe seafood to have more positive associations
and now I'm eating seafood without feeling disgusted. Success!"*

Letting go of fear with hypnosis
Reza Askari
Business Owner